Our Story

The Finest Gourmet Products Since 2003
Bringing you the finest in gourmet products since 2003

Pure Wild Oregon started in 2003 as Windy Bay Gourmet, down in Winchester Bay. In 2009, production moved to our current location on Rt. 101, where we sold our products at the Sourdough Bakery. The gourmet products took off, as customers were able to sample before they bought. As we got more and more requests for the products to be sold in stores, we decided it was time for the move.

Windy Bay Gourmet was rebranded to Pure Wild Oregon late in 2014, and introduced to the world in early 2015. Now we’re in the local stores, including Reedsport Natural Foods, Price n Pride market, Ace hardware, and the local liquor store (Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauce), and we’re in Capella market in Eugene. More to come!